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Financial Planning

Our Financial Planning Process


We will provide a complimentary meeting to get acquainted. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable with our team and want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of our process and the services that we provide. If you decide you would like to move forward, we will set a second meeting to gather the necessary financial information and get a clear understanding or your financial goals

Gather Client Data, Including Goals

We will review the financial data you have provided and make sure we have an in-depth understanding of what is important to you and your family.

Analyze and Evaluate Your Financial Status

Once your financial information has been reviewed and your goals have been defined, we’ll work to create a personal financial plan that will help you accomplish your objectives. Depending on your situation we may provide a review of your investment portfolio, create a retirement strategy, analyze your insurance, and review your estate plan.

Present Financial Planning Recommendations

After your plan has been prepared, we’ll meet with you to address the strengths as well as the weaknesses of your current plan, and then will provide you with professional recommendations on how to best achieve your goals.

Implement the Financial Planning Recommendations

Once we have discussed your financial plan, we will work together to implement the suggested strategies. As needed, we will also work with your CPA or attorney.

On-going support and analysis

Financial planning is not a one-time deliverable. You will never be alone in this process. Together with our professional guidance we will with you towards the accomplishment of your long-term financial objectives.